Our Team

Our Support System

Our clients spans the globe, hailing from regions such as North America, Canada, Australia, India, Latin America, Singapore, and Europe.

Aveon collaborates with technology partners to play a significant role in our operations. We engage with industry leaders such as AWS, Azure, Kibo-Commerce, and maintain a close partnership with Koerber.

Leveraging our expertise in data technology, we seamlessly transition data management to the cloud, resulting in strategic alliances with AWS and Azure.

Aveon Market Goal

It’s evident that in today's dynamic landscape, retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers encounter various challenges.

These include navigating through constant platform changes and upgrades, resolving integration issues, tackling technical glitches, addressing coding complexities, and ensuring compliance with online licensing regulations.

These challenges often leave businesses uncertain about where to begin when striving to enhance customer experience and resolve supply chain and e-commerce issues.

Team and Leadership

At the heart of our organization lies a vibrant team comprising over 80 experts, situated across our offices worldwide. Guided by our visionary CEO, our leadership cadre boasts extensive expertise in supply chain advancement, digital programming, and staff augmentation.

We cherish our adept programmers, software engineers, and digital specialists, who work harmoniously to provide unmatched solutions. Our leadership ethos centers on mentorship, perpetual growth, and fostering an environment where every team member can excel. United, we operate as a cohesive entity committed to revolutionizing businesses through cutting-edge technological solutions.