Our Solutions

Aveon has been at the forefront of transforming organizations with robust and adaptable digital solutions for over 12 years. Our commitment to meeting current demands while seizing future opportunities drives our expertise. We specialize in helping businesses leverage the latest technological advancements to stay competitive.

You can depend on us to be your reliable partner in utilising cutting-edge technologies to maintain the competitiveness and innovation of your company.

What We Do?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.


Our comprehensive approach encompasses every aspect of e-commerce, from initial setup to ongoing optimization, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience for your customers. By integrating and updating your programming, we empower you to expand your online options, offerings, and growth capabilities.

Supply Chain Management

Our approach covers solution design, application implementation, microservice integration, data integration, custom development, and data transformation.We deliver implementation services for robust supply chain applications such as Kibo, leveraging our experience in API and custom development.

OMS & WMS Solutions

With expertise in data technology, we seamlessly migrate data management to the cloud, leveraging partnerships with AWS and Azure. Furthermore, our cloud-based solutions offer scalability, flexibility, and enhanced security for your OMS and WMS needs.

Web Development

Our highly skilled team excels at creating user-friendly websites with visually appealing user interfaces. We design and manage websites that enhance your company's reputation and provide a competitive edge in your industry.

Android and iOS Mobile App Development

We provide scalable solutions that align with your vision and brand. Our Android and iOS mobile apps are ideal for enterprise firms, offering not only visibility on app stores but also exceptional functionality and performance.

API Gateway Solutions

Our API Gateway service allows you to publish APIs with private endpoints, making them accessible within your network. For added security and accessibility, you can also expose them with public IP addresses to accept internet traffic.

Staff Augmentation

To meet your business or IT goals, we offer essential skill sets through our Staff Augmentation Services. We provide hiring options to bridge gaps in your current workforce, ensuring that your technological initiatives keep pace with your business needs.

Product Development

Our skilled experts at Aveon streamline development cycles and deliver exceptional results. By identifying your requirements and translating them into user-specific models, we ensure that your product development aligns with your objectives.

Web Design

Specializing in the latest technologies and responsive templates, we create top-notch websites tailored to your company's specific requirements.

Architecture Development

With a wealth of experience, we excel in developing intricate yet user-friendly web backend development solutions that best meet your business's unique needs.

HR Management

We efficiently manage candidate recruiting, payroll, leave approval, succession planning, attendance tracking, career advancement, performance reviews, and overall personnel data maintenance for your company using our HR Management System.

Payroll Management

Our simple, flexible, and user-friendly payroll management software streamlines financial procedures, handling all your accounting and staff payroll management needs.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory with ease through the web-based Aveon Inventory Management System (AIMS), a software program that tracks and manages stock levels across consignment locations and warehouses.

Live Video Streaming

Our simple, flexible, and user-friendly payroll management software streamlines financial procedures, handling all your accounting and staff payroll management needs.

Access Management

The goal of access management is to allow authorized users to utilize a service while preventing unauthorized users from accessing it. This critical procedure enforces policies defined within the IT Management System.