Controller of Examination

Controller of Examination

Streamline and optimize examination processes with Aveon's Controller of Examination Automation module. Designed to simplify the complexities of managing exams, our comprehensive solution empowers examination authorities to efficiently handle various aspects of the examination lifecycle.

Key Elements

Internal Mark Entry / Import Bulk Entry

Effortlessly input internal marks or import large volumes of data in bulk, ensuring accurate and efficient recording of student performance.

Create Various Types of Exams

Customize exam types to suit specific requirements, including internal exams, external exams, and revaluation assessments.

Set Exam Eligibility Criteria for Semester Exams

Define eligibility criteria for semester exams, ensuring compliance with academic regulations and student prerequisites.

Automatic Exam Application Generation

Automate the generation of exam applications, streamlining the application process for students and administrative staff.

Automatic Hall Ticket Generation

Generate Hall tickets automatically for enrolled students, facilitating smooth exam administration and access control.

Generate Automatic Internal / External Exam Schedule

Create internal and external exam schedules automatically, optimizing exam timetables for efficient planning and coordination.

Conduct Online Exams/Daily Tests

Facilitate online exams and daily tests, providing a flexible and accessible assessment platform for students and educators.

Question Bank & Question Paper Set

Access a comprehensive question bank and easily create question paper sets for exams, ensuring varied and relevant assessment content.

Automatic Allotment Hall Invigilator

Automatically assign hall invigilators for exam supervision, ensuring adequate monitoring and security during examinations.

Automatic Seating Allotment for Various Pattern Wise

Automatically allocate seating arrangements based on various exam patterns, optimizing seating plans for efficient exam administration.

Seating Allotment Cancellation

Manage seating arrangements effectively with the ability to cancel or modify seating allotments as needed.

Generate Automatic Attendance Sheet for Room Wise

Generate attendance sheets automatically for exam rooms, facilitating accurate attendance tracking during exams.

Generate Bundle Number in Subject Wise

Assign bundle numbers for exam materials in a subject-wise manner, ensuring organized and efficient handling of exam resources.

Semester Exam Practical & Theory Paper Attendance

Record attendance for practical and theory paper exams conducted during semester assessments.

Practical Paper Mark Entry

Efficiently enter marks for practical papers, ensuring accurate assessment and grading of student performance.

Generate Dummy Numbers for Theory Paper

Generate dummy numbers for theory paper exams, simplifying the identification and tracking of exam papers.

External Mark Entry

Enter marks for external assessments, ensuring accurate recording of student performance in external exams.

External Mark Verification

Verify external exam marks to ensure accuracy and reliability of assessment data.

Review External Mark After Verification

Review and confirm external exam marks after verification, ensuring consistency and fairness in assessment outcomes.

Moderation Process

Facilitate the moderation process to ensure fairness and consistency in exam results across different evaluators.

Result Estimation

Estimate exam results based on input data and assessment criteria, providing insights into student performance before official results are published.

Publish Results Local/Global

Publish exam results locally or globally as per institutional requirements, ensuring timely dissemination of assessment outcomes.

Semester marks sheet and consolidated mark sheet printing

Automatically calculate and allocate hall supervisor remuneration based on distance traveled.

Generate Hall Supervisor Attendance Certificate

Generate attendance certificates for hall supervisors, acknowledging their contribution to exam administration.

Generate Reports

Access various reports to gain insights into exam administration, student performance, and assessment outcomes, facilitating informed decisionmaking and continuous improvement.