Library Management

Libarary Management

Web-based Interfaces: Aveon's OPAC, circulation, management, and self-checkout interfaces are all built on standards-compliant World Wide Web technologies - Angular, ASP Dot Net, MS SQL Server and many more making Aveon a truly platform-independent solution. Now, you can host your Aveon library server onpremises, AWS, Azure and other cloud platforms.

Key Components :

  • Cataloguing
  • Circulation Module
  • Patron Management
  • Online Public Access Catalog
  • Staff Interface
  • Reports



Effortlessly catalog books, e-resources, and more within minutes.


Generate and schedule circulation, holds, and patron reports to efficiently manage your library operations.

Offline Circulation

Keep your library operational during unexpected downtime with three offline circulation tools provided by Aveon.

Batch Checkouts

Say goodbye to long lines at the circulation desk with swift batch checkouts.


Complete inventory tasks in hours, not days. Simply scan barcodes, and Aveon will provide a comprehensive report detailing the location and status of your entire catalog.

Label Printing

Design and print barcodes, spine labels, and patron cards effortlessly.

Seamless Migration

Transition smoothly from legacy ILSs without data loss.

Powerful OPAC

Explore Aveon's feature-rich OPAC, offering text- based search, patron account management, and seamless integration.

Automated Notices

Send automated notices for overdues, holds, and more via email and SMS

Key Features of an Integrated Library System


Integrated systems streamline the process, enhancing access to library resources for patrons. Effortlessly catalog books, e-resources, and more within minutes.

Circulation Module

This module handles the check-in, check-out, and tracking of library items, often including automated notifications for patrons.

Patron Management

Embrace the demands of modern education effortlessly with Aveon's CMS, enabling institutions to implement online courses, tests, and assessments seamlessly. This feature ensures that educational offerings remain adaptable and aligned with contemporary pedagogical trends.

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

Effectively manage patron information, including addresses and contact details, enabling additions, modifications, or deletions. Patrons can also manage their accounts, place holds, or pay library fees online.

Staff & Student Interface

Simplify and streamline the often complex admissions process with Aveon's CMS. Online applications and document submissions reduce administrative complexities, ensuring a smooth and efficient enrolment experience for both institutions and students.


Need to track the most circulated items over a specific period or monitor patrons' reading habits? The reports module comes to the rescue. It enables you to stay updated on various library activities, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Advantages of Library Management

Automation of manual processes

Integrated Library Systems (ILS) enhance productivity by automating tasks.

Copy cataloging

Librarians can import MARC records from other institutions, saving time and effort.

Simplified circulation

Scanning barcodes replaces manual procedures like writing on library cards and date stamps.

Enhanced search options

Patrons benefit from simplified and advanced search options through the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).

Time-saving for patrons and staff

Patrons can place holds, submit purchase requests, and receive notifications regarding book checkouts, reservations, and availability updates.

Efficient operation

These functionalities enable libraries to operate more efficiently overall.