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Hostel Management System


Hostel Management System (HMS) - Application enhances security of the hostel students by providing online leave application and approval process for students.

This module will support for student leave / permission & outing.

Student's daily attendance can be maintained by biometric /smart card

Student's present & absent status alerts can be sent through SMS/E-mail. The student present/absent reports will form the basic for the pre-calculation of food preparation.

It provides an easy process for monitoring hostel student's activities by warden.

After the completion of first level campus leave approval, the second level parent approval process through phone calls / SMS will go automatically to their authorized contact number in local language.

Parents have to give a confirmation for their wards.

After that, the gate pass will be generated for student who is departing from hostel by placing thumb on the reader's sensor.

The gate pass will be handed over to the security in the gate by the student. After placing a thumb in the gate, auto call will be generated to the parents by local language.

Arrival of the student information will also be intimated to the parents.


Features :

» Easy Installation.
» IVR System.
» Can be integrated with RF Reader, Biometric Reader, Bar Code Reader.
» User friendly interface requiring minimal IT skills.
» Multiple Campus can be integrated.
» Parents / Guardians /Staff  details on a click.
» Host our software in your own server in your own premises.
» Enables you to handle your responsibility of student safety effectively.
» Real time and Historical Reports of entry and exit of students into and from hostel.


Benefits for management:

» Management can do approval process through this applications like., Class Advisor, HOD, Principal, Deputy Warden, Wing In charge, Warden, Parents. Approval work flow   will be completely configurable.

» It reduces the manual work of management.

» Management can plan for food preparation (reduce food wastage) depending on student count. They can calculate future date menu preparation by the student arrival   of today / tomorrow & so on.

» Any number of hostels can be managed.


Benefits for parents:

» Parents will be informed of students In/Out information with timings through SMS / voice call.

» Parents will be informed about their ward’s late entry to the hostel through SMS/ voice call.

» For parents, leave approval will be granted via voice call.Parents can approve / reject the leave request.

» Parents can estimate their ward’s travelling timing (between home & hostel).

» Without parents knowledge the student can't get outside the hostel / campus.

HMS Features