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Digitalization leads to ease of operations by eliminating unnecessary tasks and streamlining every process throughout the boards. Wastage of resources, errors, delays and chances of losing/mislabeling/misplacing data can be completely eradicated. It helps the bodies to reduce cost of operation and labor. It also enables general public to redress their griviences towards the department in a better manner.

Public Usage Mobile Application

» Property Taxes Management

» Water Charges Management

» Shop Rent Management

» Minibus Flying Charges Management

» Grievance Management

» Tenders Management

» Water Connection Management

» Miscellaneous Form Management

» Building Application Management

» Property Transfer Management

» Birth Certificate Management

» Death Certificate Management

» Trade License Management

» Sewage Tanker Management

» Water Tanker Management

» Community Hall Booking Management

» Online Tax Calculator for User Properties

» JCB Management

» Tree Cutting Management

» Advertise Hoarding Management

» Temporary Tent Erection Management

» Playground Booking Management

» View Board Members Details

» View Elected Members Details

» View General Information about the Board

» View News and Circulars

» Status Tracking

» Task Management

» Show Cause Notice Management


» View Uploaded Documents (if any)

» View History of an application

» Generate Certificate Report

» Export Application Details in Bulk

» View Payment Details Report


HR Module

» Manage working hour

» Manage Employee details

» Manage Employee Daily Attendance

» Manage Employee Monthly Attendance

» Manage Leave Types

» Manage Permission Types

» Manage Employee Leave Types

» Manage Leave Approval Configurations

» Manage Permission Approval Configurations

» Apply Employee Leave

» Apply Employee Permission

» Approve Employee Leaves

» Approve Employee Permissions


Payroll Module

» Manage Earning Types

» Manage Deduction Types

» Manage Payroll Year

» Manage Pay Scale

» Manage Employee Pay Scale

» Manage Employee Recurring Deductions

» Calculate / View Employee Salary and Generate Pay Slip