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Property Taxes Management

Water Charges Management

Shop Rent Management

Minibus Flying Charges Management

Grievance Management

Tenders Management

Water Connection Management

Miscellaneous Form Management

Building Application Management

Property Transfer Management

Birth Certificate Management

Death Certificate Management

Trade License Management

Sewage Tanker Management

Water Tanker Management

Community Hall Booking Management

Online Tax Calculator for User Properties

JCB Management

Tree Cutting Management

Advertise Hoarding Management

Temporary Tent Erection Management

Playground Booking Management

View Board Members Details

View Elected Members Details

View General Information about the Board

View News and Circulars

Status Tracking

Task Management

Show Cause Notice Management



View Uploaded Documents (if any)

View History of an application

Generate Certificate Report

Export Application Details in Bulk

View Payment Details Report


HR Module

Manage working hour

Manage Employee details

Manage Employee Daily Attendance

Manage Employee Monthly Attendance

Manage Leave Types

Manage Permission Types

Manage Employee Leave Types

Manage Leave Approval Configurations

Manage Permission Approval Configurations

Apply Employee Leave

Apply Employee Permission

Approve Employee Leaves

Approve Employee Permissions


Payroll Module

Manage Earning Types

Manage Deduction Types

Manage Payroll Year

Manage Pay Scale

Manage Employee Pay Scale

Manage Employee Recurring Deductions

Calculate / View Employee Salary and Generate Pay Slip