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Aveon HealthCare Software (AHCS)


Aveon offers anywhere, anytime online access to health information for the most important people in healthcare: patients and their physicians. They already expect such access in other aspects of their lives. Now they have it in healthcare.

AHCS is a web based application it gives healthcare consumers convenient, online, anytime, anywhere access to healthcare information and services. Patient empowerment is the key to addressing the efficacy and efficiency of healthcare delivery and it’s no longer an option for healthcare providers that want to remain viable.

using our AHCS, client deliver the wellness visit in just few minutes. client’s patient receives a printed personalized prevention plan and referral for any indicated preventive screening or additional tests to detect early chronic disease. at the conclusion of each wellness visit, our AHCS enables you to export all the information relating to the wellness visit into virtually any EHR/ EMR/ system in either a continuity of care record or pdf format. Custom integration options are also available.